Arrived in Manila

July 26, 2011

Arrived in Manila after 11hrs on a plane, my tushy hurts! We’ll be here for another 5hrs before heading off to Thailand. Going to try to convince Monica to do a couple of laps around the airport to shake off the flight. With only 5 hrs you can’t really go sight seeing which is ok because the
whether forecast for Manila is rainy. Pretty much in every direction.

Talking with Monica she noted that being from Hawaii give us a strange sense of comfort here in Manila. Everybody looks like people you would see in Hawaii, which I would definitely agree. A little comfort away from home.

Well gotta run, literally! Take it easy till next time.


Monica at a cell phone/laptop station.



Our cabin

July 26, 2011


We our on our way

July 25, 2011

So right now we’re at the airport at our gate just waiting to board! 13 HR flight. My poor butt. I’m not use to sitting more than two hours at a time. Stayed up pretty late last night in hopes of sleeping on this flight, but we shall see. So stoked right now!!!!

Anyways not going to have wifi for a while. So I’ll probably post every thing at once. Have a great day everyone because I am!